Since 1993, The Manx has been a social hub for Ottawa’s close-knit community and those who cherish hearty home-made food, local brews, and memorable conversations. The Manx boasts one of the city’s best scotch selections, outstanding dinner specials, and a legendary brunch.

A beloved local hide-away, it’s also a home-away-from-home for out-of-town artists, politicians, musicians, writers, and actors. Things get pretty special around here.

Come in, tell a story, write a thing, drink a thing, eat a thing, and connect with Ottawa’s furtive heart.

TV free since ’93.



All-time favs —


Lamb Curry Wrap

A Manx staple! Slow-cooked lamb in a curry sauce, succulent roasted mushrooms, and melted cheddar stuffed into a crispy wrap, topped with a dollop of herbed sour cream.


Tofu Tacos

Our beloved tofu tacos satisfy vegans and carnivores alike. Tofu, nuts, and spices blended and slow-cooked to form a hearty filling, topped with tomato salsa, and hot melted cheddar. They. Are. Bonkers.


Furlonger Club

Named after our charismatic and bespectacled ex-server Bill Furlonger, our club is big, textured, and dripping with peameal-y goodness.



A late-night go-to! Served with mustard aioli, we pack smoked onion, roasted corn, black bean, cheddar, and tomatillo salsa into flour tortillas. Chopped into slices of conversation bite-breaks.



Huevos Rancheros

A universe of texture! Two free-range eggs fried over easy eggs, chilling out on black bean puree, a smokey chipotle sauce, over-melted cheddar and house-made guacamole on a crispy corn tortilla. It doesn’t even make sense.


The Soho

Two farm-fresh eggs, our cowboy beans, garlic braised mushrooms, bacon, local sausage, Manx potatoes and toast, and see ya later hunger.


Banana Bread
French Toast

Huge, fluffy, and figuratively exploding with flavour: A cumulus cloud of sweet relief.


Curried Vegan
Tofu Scramble

Barely fits on one plate. Sautéed tofu with zucchini, peppers, onions, braised mushrooms, tomatillo salsa, and and and. Served with cowboy beans, salad & toast. Bring a friend.


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